Saturday, March 30, 2013

Acoustic Wall Art

Still using the Emancipation Proclamation Live Oak Tree as inspiration, I have used the shape if its leaves to create and acoustic panel, playing with the scale of the leaf. I am planning on cutting out part of the out line of the leaf and sewing(or something else) the area neared to the connection together allowing it to stay elevated slightly so that the white can show through the cut spaces.

Acoustic Wall Art

Using my acoustic wall art idea I am moving forward to the bedroom. By placing a piece above the bed it can also functions as a headboard. I am exploring different shapes and quantities of the panels, whether I should make it looks as a canvas, work with horizontals seen on the wood panels on the wall to the left, or divide it in 2 or 4. I am still working on the design that will go on these panels, but it may change depending on what composition I end up using. Feedback?

Acoustic Wall Art Ideations

I am playing with colors for the Tree Wall Art, I am presently leaning toward the green with white tree or brown with green tree. The colors are taken from what we see in the house, the red Diem wall, the accent green from the back splash, the brown from the wood. This piece was previously made of wood but I am changing it to be made of a material call QuietBrace ( which is a sounds dampening material, which I will cover with felt with the design and colors. These panels will not only look like art but will function as acoustic panels. I have also increased the size of the piece to be the same length as the TV to bring balance to the space. If anyone has any feed back on the colors, or any other ideas of color combination or the previous size (small) or larger size, which can be seen below in comparison to the TV. I am more than happy to get feedback!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Living Room, Kitchen, and Bathroom Renderings

After choosing the majority of the final finishes and materials for the Canopy House, Matt Weikert created a SketchUp file, and I created Podium renderings of the kitchen, living, and bathroom spaces. Shown are the exact paint colors, flooring, and countertop material we are using, as well as a stain of cabinet close to what we hope to get for the kitchen. The bathroom tile is the exact color, but the kitchen tile will be a green color that is close to what is shown. We plan as using the green as an accent color throughout the home. The kitchen chairs were the exact chairs we are proposing, and we have talked to Brian Peck about building a similar dining table with reclaimed wood. 

view of the kitchen and dining area from the living room

view from the kitchen, looking into the living/dining area showing a bamboo sink

An alternative view showing a stainless steel sink 

view from the dining area looking toward the DIEM wall

view from the bathroom entrance, showing the tile change and grab bars

looking into the shower

Issues I will be fixing:

-grout lines in the tile to make each tile appear individually 
-larger views of the bathroom
-better lighting in the shower
-better options for the backsplash pattern and removal of jagged vertical edges
-accurate front door
-deck material outside nano wall

Please post any questions or comments!

Friday, March 22, 2013


This wardrobe has gone through many transformations since I've been working on it, with more refinements to come.  During the critique, we talked about how massive and solid the closet unit and flexspace unit are when they come together.  We are currently exploring the idea of shifting the closet to the opposite wall (East wall) and using semi transparent material as backing and/or doors. 

Comments and suggestions are more than welcome!

(Feedback Needed) Air Filters - Product Design

I started off my idea by looking at existing concepts to filter the air without using energy and by combining both aspects of plants and interior decoration I designed a shelving unit which is powered by batteries to filter the air. 

Using the floor plan I created a parti diagram showing the organization of both space and furniture which created a geometric feeling to how the house is designed.

By taking the study of the diagram I designed prototypes which include a fan powered by batteries into square shaped shelving units and as the air travels through the air plants it filters the air and cools down the temperature of the room without using energy from the house.

The prototypes are multi functional and they can be used as shelving units when multiplied. 

I need to get feedback from members of team Tidewater to know where my next direction is headed.

Flex Space

For our Mid-term Critique, I presented concepts, ideas and my design for the flex space.

 Based on feedback, I'm exploring updating this design to incorporate more transparency and less solids, while still keeping storage and flexibility between spaces a main goal.  
I'm open to any suggestions and comments you may have!

- Audra Volpi

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Welcome! Please Read!


Please feel free to post your latest design, process sketches, previous ideations, and whatever else you feel will benefit to the overall understanding of what your design intention is.  Don't forget to include a description of what you've got so far and WHY and HOW you've gotten there.  It might also be helpful to include some design ideas that didn't work (and why). 

This is the opportunity to let everyone know how brilliant your design is without restriction!


We would like to see your sketches, process, pdf's, etc. as well.  I think this is a great opportunity for us all to come together in a single forum so that we all have a more holistic understanding of the Canopy House.  This is the time for us to understand one common vision for the house  - so we can win this thing!  Anyone can comment on a blogpost, but if you'd like to make your own post, send me your name and email address and I will add you to the list of contributors. 

I'm going to try to make this blog as user friendly and informative as possible so we can really use it as a tool.  Don't forget to add LABELS to your posts (and please spell them correctly!).  There are a few kinks being figured out still, so keep an eye out for updates. 

Follow this blog!  Stay in the loop!  Ask and answer questions!