Monday, April 22, 2013

Flex-Space update

Based on previous feedback from Team Tidewater, I redesigned the flex space unit. The first thing you will notice, is that I added the same wall slats on the HVAC wall jut-out, that can be found in the bedroom area.  As far as the unit itself, I incorporated storage, as well as seating while keeping it very open.

Feedback is appreciated.

Overview of Flex Space

One of the slats hides two outlets when needed.

Showing hidden tower compartment

Showing hidden outlet exposed by dropping down wall slat.
Also shows hidden compartment mentioned above.

Showing Door Swing from Washer/Dryer unit

View facing washer dryer 
View facing Bedroom

Here are a few more proposals for the wardrobe. . .

During our last meeting and visit, we talked about how the flex space (and wardrobe) were very square and boxy and aesthetically heavy.  Particular attention and a lot of phone calls and emails followed to ensure that everyone was envisioning the space in essentially the same way. 

I love the fact that the horizontal reclaimed wood slats are showing up in a few more key locations.  With the new design of the flex space, I feel the contrast of the two materials and what happens when they come together has become a more cohesive and purposefully designed moment.

That being said, I wanted to lighten up the wardrobe and possibly introduce a small amount of the reclaimed wood to give the room unity.  It's also important for the two units to continue to speak the same design language, since it's almost impossible to see one without seeing the other from any view. 

Here are several options, all rendered from the same view, to make it easier to compare and contrast.  There are pros and cons of each but I'd love to know your thoughts in the comments section below!

Wireframe drawing featuring the flexspace and closet in background

The 3 newest proposals side by side

This was the last iteration of the wardrobe but with the newer flex space design

Wardrobe proposal #2 is similar to the first,
 but re sized slightly and the doors on the top half have been removed

Wardrobe proposal #3 shares the "his and hers" hanging clothes symmetry,
but more drawers have been created in the center and another large drawer is
located above the hanging clothes.  A large horizontal plane has been introduced which can be decorative or used as a work surface.

Wardrobe proposal # 4 utilizes the reclaimed slat as a drawer front for the large drawers.
The identical symmetry is gone, but the unit maintains balance.  It echos the "column" from the flex space.  The baskets would be a wire or cloth basket so that those unable to reach or see inside a drawer above 4 feet can easily pull out the basket and set it in their lap. 

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

acoustic tile color options: feed back asap

these are the colors of felt that i am able to purchase to create the acoustic tiles. as we discussed on monday it seems that having a neutral color palette for the acoustic panels would word best, based on the colors of felt above  have used the tan, beige, and white, which are colors seen throughout the house. below are thee images with these different color combinations. my personal preference is #3, white on tan, because the base board of the house are white, and it allows the panels to stand out without being overwhelming. please let me know which colors you would prefer i am planning on cutting the fabric on the laser cutter on monday, so i will need an answer asap. if you would like me to try amy other color combos please let me know!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Flex Space - updatedd 4.2.13 - FEEDBACK NEEDED

The desk area is completely open to the bedroom and flex space.  This view, directly across from the washer dryer, has the storage cabinets on the right side of the unit against the outside wall.  This change gives the unit a more open feel. The desk space has few moving parts.  First, the platform shown with the laptop on it, slides freely through the unit to allow for more desk space when needed on either side.  The drawer above, with the printer, slides back and forth to allow for easy reach.  The top bookshelf is completely open.

When the unit is closed, the closet space and the utility storage on the right side is not viewable, however the left side of the unit is open through to the bedroom area.  Both sections (right and left) are accessible from both the flex space, and bedroom at any given time.


The seating how now been integrated into the unit… When not in use, the seat, on rollers, can be pushed out of the way under the  desk space.  There is a hidden file system in the seat when needed.