Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Flex Space - updatedd 4.2.13 - FEEDBACK NEEDED

The desk area is completely open to the bedroom and flex space.  This view, directly across from the washer dryer, has the storage cabinets on the right side of the unit against the outside wall.  This change gives the unit a more open feel. The desk space has few moving parts.  First, the platform shown with the laptop on it, slides freely through the unit to allow for more desk space when needed on either side.  The drawer above, with the printer, slides back and forth to allow for easy reach.  The top bookshelf is completely open.

When the unit is closed, the closet space and the utility storage on the right side is not viewable, however the left side of the unit is open through to the bedroom area.  Both sections (right and left) are accessible from both the flex space, and bedroom at any given time.


The seating how now been integrated into the unit… When not in use, the seat, on rollers, can be pushed out of the way under the  desk space.  There is a hidden file system in the seat when needed.

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