Monday, April 22, 2013

Here are a few more proposals for the wardrobe. . .

During our last meeting and visit, we talked about how the flex space (and wardrobe) were very square and boxy and aesthetically heavy.  Particular attention and a lot of phone calls and emails followed to ensure that everyone was envisioning the space in essentially the same way. 

I love the fact that the horizontal reclaimed wood slats are showing up in a few more key locations.  With the new design of the flex space, I feel the contrast of the two materials and what happens when they come together has become a more cohesive and purposefully designed moment.

That being said, I wanted to lighten up the wardrobe and possibly introduce a small amount of the reclaimed wood to give the room unity.  It's also important for the two units to continue to speak the same design language, since it's almost impossible to see one without seeing the other from any view. 

Here are several options, all rendered from the same view, to make it easier to compare and contrast.  There are pros and cons of each but I'd love to know your thoughts in the comments section below!

Wireframe drawing featuring the flexspace and closet in background

The 3 newest proposals side by side

This was the last iteration of the wardrobe but with the newer flex space design

Wardrobe proposal #2 is similar to the first,
 but re sized slightly and the doors on the top half have been removed

Wardrobe proposal #3 shares the "his and hers" hanging clothes symmetry,
but more drawers have been created in the center and another large drawer is
located above the hanging clothes.  A large horizontal plane has been introduced which can be decorative or used as a work surface.

Wardrobe proposal # 4 utilizes the reclaimed slat as a drawer front for the large drawers.
The identical symmetry is gone, but the unit maintains balance.  It echos the "column" from the flex space.  The baskets would be a wire or cloth basket so that those unable to reach or see inside a drawer above 4 feet can easily pull out the basket and set it in their lap. 

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  1. This a great concept. Do you just push the wardrobe around? What type of floor surface are you using? Would it be possible to change the fronts of the drawers or closet doors to glass or other surface types?