Saturday, March 30, 2013

Acoustic Wall Art Ideations

I am playing with colors for the Tree Wall Art, I am presently leaning toward the green with white tree or brown with green tree. The colors are taken from what we see in the house, the red Diem wall, the accent green from the back splash, the brown from the wood. This piece was previously made of wood but I am changing it to be made of a material call QuietBrace ( which is a sounds dampening material, which I will cover with felt with the design and colors. These panels will not only look like art but will function as acoustic panels. I have also increased the size of the piece to be the same length as the TV to bring balance to the space. If anyone has any feed back on the colors, or any other ideas of color combination or the previous size (small) or larger size, which can be seen below in comparison to the TV. I am more than happy to get feedback!

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