Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Living Room, Kitchen, and Bathroom Renderings

After choosing the majority of the final finishes and materials for the Canopy House, Matt Weikert created a SketchUp file, and I created Podium renderings of the kitchen, living, and bathroom spaces. Shown are the exact paint colors, flooring, and countertop material we are using, as well as a stain of cabinet close to what we hope to get for the kitchen. The bathroom tile is the exact color, but the kitchen tile will be a green color that is close to what is shown. We plan as using the green as an accent color throughout the home. The kitchen chairs were the exact chairs we are proposing, and we have talked to Brian Peck about building a similar dining table with reclaimed wood. 

view of the kitchen and dining area from the living room

view from the kitchen, looking into the living/dining area showing a bamboo sink

An alternative view showing a stainless steel sink 

view from the dining area looking toward the DIEM wall

view from the bathroom entrance, showing the tile change and grab bars

looking into the shower

Issues I will be fixing:

-grout lines in the tile to make each tile appear individually 
-larger views of the bathroom
-better lighting in the shower
-better options for the backsplash pattern and removal of jagged vertical edges
-accurate front door
-deck material outside nano wall

Please post any questions or comments!

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  1. monica - these look really great - the only thing i wanted to point out is that you have silhouette trees in most of the renderings, but realistic looking trees in the view out of the nano window. should they be consistant? also, in the fourth picture down there is no tree. Based off your other views, you would still be able to see it from that angle.