Friday, March 22, 2013

(Feedback Needed) Air Filters - Product Design

I started off my idea by looking at existing concepts to filter the air without using energy and by combining both aspects of plants and interior decoration I designed a shelving unit which is powered by batteries to filter the air. 

Using the floor plan I created a parti diagram showing the organization of both space and furniture which created a geometric feeling to how the house is designed.

By taking the study of the diagram I designed prototypes which include a fan powered by batteries into square shaped shelving units and as the air travels through the air plants it filters the air and cools down the temperature of the room without using energy from the house.

The prototypes are multi functional and they can be used as shelving units when multiplied. 

I need to get feedback from members of team Tidewater to know where my next direction is headed.

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  1. Aws, Could you post a few images of the "off-the-shelf" products that do what you're trying to do with your design? Also, could you show the "boxes" in a few different finishes, like wood or other colors? Thanks.